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02 Mar 2017

WVCC club kit mens jersey

Posted on 9th August 2017

We’re opening up the next club kit ordering window with Vanelli Cycling.

Please get your orders into the club’s kit officer, Carl Roberts, by the end of Sunday 27th August 2017.

The Italian manufacturers have a long holiday period coming up, so this date will definitely be the last date to submit an order.

The kit order form is available here:

Vanelli Cycling sizing guide here

There are some new and exciting items available this time including...

  • cycling caps
  • arm warmers
  • leg warmers
  • race socks

Want to see what these new items look like? Check out our club kit photo album

There are minimum order quantities for some items (for the whole club order), so we propose to firstly take your orders, and then see whether there are enough orders for each line item. Once that is reviewed, Carl will then let you know what is being ordered, and then payment will be requested. So there’s no need to send payment along with your order forms.

We anticipate the order will be delivered by the end of October.

Any queries, please get in touch with...




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    1. Sunday 22nd October - Misterton Madness Volunteers and cakes needed :)
    2. Welland Valley cross riders featured in the results in four different leagues today as the squad went North East, West and South. 
    3. Alice Barnes will present the awards at the annual dinner on Saturday 25th November.