It was 'veterans' day at the National Trophy cyclocross at Shrewsbury. 
Hans van Nierop and Vic Barnett took to the start line in the Vets 40 and 50 events.

The day got off to disaster as there was a crash just after the start in the Vet 50 race. 
Starting on the left hand side of the course Vic Barnett could sense a crash to his right, thought he managed to avoid the carnage when 'bang' he was down. 
As he hit the deck his leg was caught in a competitor's and twisted violently causing his kneecap to dislocate. 
The fantastic care and support from officials and first aid saw Vic soon on his way to hospital. 
He was later discharge. 
Vic has 3 weeks to return to fitness if he is going to defend his Over 70's World title.

Hans van Nierop finished his event as the course turned into strength sapping affair with plenty of running. 
Being gridded towards the rear Hans found himself slipping and sliding in all directions. 
He also crashed, a 2nd last lap spill saw him losing plenty of leg skin.
After 40 minutes of racing Hans finished 38th and commented he 'still loved it!'

Tomorrow (Sunday) it is the turn of Fay, Dom and Fraser.


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    1. Saturday 25th November, roll out is at 2pm from The Old Barn Glooston
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      2. 31 Welland Valley 'muddy marvels' contested a variety of age groups on a superb course that twisted and turned through Beaumont Park.

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