Nev Crane Memorial 25 mile TT

16 Jul 2017

Tom Evans, Matt Crabtree and Matt Plews rode the Nev Crane Memorial 25 mile TT on Sunday morning promoted by Sleaford Wheelers.

On a warm blustery morning the intrepid trio faced a block headwind return leg, with little shelter offered along the course.

Tom was the first rider off and posted a time of 1:14:28. Matt P started 2 minutes ahead of Matt C with him havings designs on catching his younger club mate. Both rode a solid ride with Plews having to navigate all the way round the first roundabout having missed the turn!

Plews edged out Crabtree with 1:00:04 and Crabtree 1:00:48 with this time the fastest in his age category! Well done to all three.

The winner was Daniel Barnett, Team Bottrill with 53:18


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    1. Saturday 25th November, roll out is at 2pm from The Old Barn Glooston
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      2. 31 Welland Valley 'muddy marvels' contested a variety of age groups on a superb course that twisted and turned through Beaumont Park.

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