Sophie Alexander

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  • COUNTRY: United Kingdom
WVCC Webmaster I started out as a mountain biker and have converted to the dark side ;-) 
778.1Distance (miles)
14.8Avg Speed (mph)
52:44Hours (h:m)
  1. Name our Sportive!
  2. Your involvement can be as small or large as you want to make it
  3. Great photos! Anyone able to put some names against the faces?! I'm easily able to pick out Vic Barnett, and I think I can spot Dean, but can we name and... err... fame?!? :-)
  4. Summary of the key points from the recent AGM
  5. Last call for tickets!
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    2. Tue 14th Nov - Event organised by Kettering General Hospital
    3. Amazing!!! Well done Vic!
    4. Welland Valley Whizz Kid, aged 10 - an inspiration to us all
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