Sixteen riders braved the cold, wind and (threat of) rain to contest the first Team Race Night at Rockingham, on Tuesday 8th August.

Split into four teams of four, the riders tore round the track for 45 minutes of close racing.

Points were awarded for all finishing places - from first to last; with additional points available for the winners of three sprint laps (NB individual riders were only permitted to win one sprint lap per race).  

The A Race for the quickest riders saw Guy Wiltshire, Jon Durnin, Matt Vallins and Vic Barnett take on Isaac Hudson, Adrian Killworth, Nik Kershaw and Bill Barrie.

Hudson quickly pulled ahead of the pack to lead from start to finish - taking the first sprint lap; with Guy Wiltshire and Jon Durnin taking the other two.

As the flag fell at the end of the race, the first four home were Hudson, Kilworth, Wiltshire and Kershaw.

With the sprint points added in, the team of Hudson Kilworth, Kershaw and Barrie recorded a 57-35 victory.

In the B race; Stuart Holland, John Welsford, Charlie Simpson and Whizz Kidz Ben Brant took on Roger Kockleburgh, Chris Dainty, Lorna Marlow and Jamie Kershaw (Whizz Kidz).

Stuart Holland took an early lead and the first bonus sprint point. The next two sprints were taken by Kockleburgh and Dainty.

A cat and mouse final lap saw Kockleburgh take a narrow victor on the line; followed home by Holland, Dainty and Welsford.

Points collected by Simpson and Brant helped give the team of Holland, Welsford, Simpson and Brant and narrow 47-45 victory.

Special thanks to Andrew Weatherby for all the race admins and scoring

The second Team Race Night takes place on Tuesday 15th August. Riders are asked to arrive by 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Anyone wishing to take part (if they haven't already done so) should email  before midnight on Monday 14th August please. 


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