Welland Valley Ladies Cycling

19 Mar 2017

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Welland Valley Cycling Club is not all about men in lycra - we WVCC ladies love our cycling too!

Ladies club rides started in 2015; we ride once a month and have around 10 ladies turn up each month for a 30-ish mile ride around the Welland Valley at a steady pace (an average of around 12-14mph). We look out for each other and no-one gets left behind, so don't be shy - come and join us!

There are over 100 people who follow the WVCC Ladies Facebook page and around 30 ladies that attended rides as and when we can.

We are a friendly, social bunch who enjoy a good chat and catch up when we get together either on the bike or when we go out in the evening.

This year a group of ladies are going on a training camp to Mallorca in October so that we can enjoy the last of the summer sun :-)

If you would like to find out more, then please get in touch with Claire Moore who is our new members secretary: newmembers@wellandvalleycc.co.uk 

Check out our ladies photo album to see what we get up to

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WVCC ladies in Market Harborough Square


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    1. Sunday 22nd October - Misterton Madness Volunteers and cakes needed :)
    2. Welland Valley cross riders featured in the results in four different leagues today as the squad went North East, West and South. 
    3. Alice Barnes will present the awards at the annual dinner on Saturday 25th November.